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June 10, 2016 - Success Story / First AM-Service Provider in North America

Additive Manufacturing allows new design possibilities in the generation of 3D parts

Marv Fiebig, president of his certified 6-member family business PTooling in the Canadian town Amherstburg, has over 35 years of hands-on manufacturing and manufacturing engineering experience spanning industries such as oil and gas equipment, gas compression, aerospace and injection molding: “Our machine tools are new, well maintained, robust and durable. We have invested in the most innovative technology available on the market today, and we gladly welcome competitive challenges to prove we are the 'best of the best'. We are proud to house the first LASERTEC 65 3D Hybrid Laser Deposition Machine from DMG MORI available for service provider work in North America. This machine not only enables laser deposition, but also provides full 5-axis vertical machining capability for the manufacturing of challenging components up to Ø 500 mm in milling quality. The flexible interchange between laser deposition welding and 5-axis milling not only translates into huge material cost savings to our customers, but also opens the door to previously impossible design geometries. Thanks to Additive Manufacturing we can produce a part that is 30 percent lighter, 50 percent stronger, produce it faster, and material costs will be cheaper.” 

Marv Fiebig, president of PTooling, in front of his
new LASERTEC 65 3D

PTooling is manufacturing components up to Ø500 mm
for energy industry, aerospace and injection moulding.

For the first time, DMG MORI has integrated additive manufacturing with lasers into a fully fledged 5-axis milling machine. This intelligent hybrid solution combines the flexibility of laser deposition welding with the precision of material removal, thus allowing for the additive manufacturing of full components in finished parts quality with maximum precision. Beside the actual machine tool DMG MORI is also offering the complete process chain, starting with the NC-programming in the hybrid CAD / CAM system, via the usage of proven technology parameters coming from a material data base, through to machining operations itself, process monitoring and documentation.

The laser head is moved laterally into the working
area by an automatic shuttle handling system (integration via HSK-interface to the spindle)

Built-up of a complete turbine housing made from stainless steel via laser deposition welding

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LASERTEC 65 3D Video

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