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08.11.2016 - LASERTEC 45 Shape

LASERTEC 45 Shape - Defined surface structures, finest contours and filigree cavities.

With the LASERTEC 45 Shape you will be entering a new dimension of high-precision 3D laser machining and texturing. At the same time, the new LASERTEC 45 Shape impresses with its extreme versatility, a completely new control concept, a larger work table, increased traverse distances, greater workpiece weights and, as an option, fully integrated 5-axis machine kinematics.

A new, highly user-friendly control interface provides touch screen operation and therefore direct programming at the controller. The LASERTEC 45 Shape also allows programming for complex components to be carried out off-line. As a successor to the proven LASETEC 40 Shape, the new LT 45 is ideally suited for producing filigree cavities, small injection mould inserts, pressing dies and 3D engraving.

Within the machine, highly dynamic deflection mirrors move the laser beam onto the workpiece in order to remove the material. Minimum wall angles of up to 5° are possible depending on the material. Actual laser ablation is carried out in horizontal layers (layer thickness of 0.3-10 µm depending on the laser and the material). For the best possible surface quality, contour-parallel finishing is carried out after 3D removal.

Areas of application:

In the 5-axis version, the machine can also be used for the surface-structuring of tools. In the case of demanding plastic injection moulding tools, laser structuring has become established in many sectors due to its versatility and reproducibility. Here, the laser offers the designer completely new configuration possibilities for surface structuring. At the same time, a digital process chain replaces traditional chemical etching.

From the idea to the finished product:

  • The idea: Different sole structures for trainers
  • 3-D data for the tool to be structured
  • Surface structure as bitmap
  • Homogeneous transfer of texture to the mould
  • 3-D simulation of CNC machining program
  • 5-axis laser texturing of surface structure
  • Ready-structured injection mould

Laser textured injection mould for a shoe sole made from aluminum.

The LASERTEC 45 Shape is available in a 3-axis and 5-axis version. Please get in touch with us. Together with our experts, we will configure your machine to your requirements. Choose a LASERTEC 45 Shape today.

LASERTEC 45 Shape 3-axis version
From € 150,000
LASERTEC 45 Shape 5-axis version
From € 250,000

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